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Our Excutive Chef

Chef Prachan Master Chef.jpg

Chef Prachan

A Professional Consultant Chef 

Not just paying attention to the taste and quality of our food, we pay attention to our food’s appearance and the decoration on the dishes as well. We want to add value to our Thai food and ensure that each of our guests feel that they have received a special gift from us!   To achieve that goal, we have been working with a specialist for food decoration, Master Chef Prachan. We want to ensure that all dishes that we serve to your table have excellent authentic taste, and they all have a beautiful, exquisite, and unique appearance. We proudly present Master Chef Prachan, Special Food Stylist for all Noi Thai Cuisine locations


How did I become one of Noi Family?  Mr. Chaiseeha and I share the same vision and goal in everything we do for our customers and our restaurants.  I value the passion that was dedicated into the excellent Thai dishes being served.  Mr. Chaiseeha puts his love into everything he does by picking the best quality ingredients, choosing the finest locations for the restaurants, and most importantly, he put his heart into finding the right experienced chefs to help serve our customers and our family.  I want to add my love and passion into making the authentic Thai dishes to the next level.

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